Tags in GenieBelt

What are tags?

Sometimes you may only want to find and see specific tasks in your project. Tags let you add your own searchable ‘keywords’ to tasks which can then be used to filter and display those tasks on your Gantt, in table view or even across your projects using drill down. Example - you may want to tag tasks with the keywords "payment needed" or a location name. 

Tasks with tags appear on the Gantt with a tag icon (like a luggage tag) next to the task.



Adding tags

There are 2 ways to add tags:

  1. from the task details panel in the Gantt view - just select the task to edit and add the keywords in the type-in box for tags (see animation below). Tags can be single words or phrases, just separate each tag with a comma.
  2. from the table view - here you can also add the tags to multiple tasks. We've described how to the table editor another article (click here).

Once you have added tags to tasks you may search and filter to display only those tagged tasks (see animation below).



Removing tags

To remove a tag in both the Gantt and table view:

  1. select a task to edit
  2. select the tag to be removed
  3. click the cross to delete the tag.

Gantt view:


Table view:


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