Add and understand Dependencies

Dependencies (or task links) is a way to add one or multiple tasks together. An example could be that task A has to finish before task B can start. In this scenario you would add a dependency in between task A and B.

The advantage of this is that if you need to add 3 days to the duration of task A, you don't also have to manually reschedule the start date of task B with 3 days. When you add 3 days duration to task A, task B will automatically move 3 days as well.

End to Start is currently the only dependency link supported in GenieBelt. However, you can click links and add lead/lag. So if you want Task B to start 2 days after Task A has finished, this is possible.

How to add dependencies
You can draw dependency links straight from the gantt chart inside the Tasks tab. When you hover the mouse over a task, you'll notice two dots appearing in both ends of the task. Click + hold one of these dots, and move/release it on another task. This will link the two tasks.

If you want to delete the task link, hover the mouse over the link and two red dots will appear. Clicking either will remove the link.

Hint: If you import a programme or task list from MS Project that already have dependency links, all the dependency links will be included into GenieBelt (read more here)

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