The difference between your free trial and paid projects

The first project you create in GenieBelt is free forever on the trial level. This gives you the opportunity to test the system by inputting your project, inviting a couple of project team members and trying out the collaboration aspects.

Paid projects distinguish from your trial project in 3 areas:

  1. File allowance
  2. Audit trail
  3. Weekly reports

1. File allowance
All free projects comes with a 50 file allowance. If you need a bigger file allowance on one of your free projects you can upgrade the project to one of the paid plans.

Files cover site progress photos, documents and drawings. So let's say you got 15 drawings, 20 other types of documents and 10 progress photos. You then use 45 of your 50 file allowance.

You can read more about the paid plans and their file allowance by clicking here.

2. Audit trail
Free projects will show you 30 days of audit trail for tasks, beats and folders in documents. The audit trail shows you what has happened on a task or a folder like comments, date changes, progress reports, attached photos and files etc.

On all paid projects the audit trail is unlocked so you will get a complete overview of everything that has happened on your project.

3. Weekly reports
The picture above shows a sample report, which you're able to automatically generate by the push of a button. It will present the last 7 days' activities with reported problems (and their photos and comments), delayed tasks, completed tasks and all the photos of the week.


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