Invite project team members

If you're on the lookout to invite some of your project or site team members into your GenieBelt project you've come to the right place.

We've made it real easy. What you want to do first is head to your project's People tab. From here you can access all your project members contact details, see when they were last online and their role in the project.

How to invite project team members
Navigate to the 'People' tab, then click on the person icon to the top left of the screen (see the screenshot below). From here you can add as many project collaborators from as many different companies as you wish. Start by typing in the email of whom you wish to add followed by the company they belong to.



Hint: You can add multiple people at once by typing in more than one email address.

The invitee(s) will now receive an invitation email granting them access to the project. See how this email looks by clicking here.


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