Report progress from Mobile App

One of the big features in GenieBelt is the option to assign tasks from your project programme to a responsible person.

As assigned to a task you can report progress from 0-100% and throughout the process communicate with text and pictures. Reporting progress can be done from both the GenieBelt Web app and Mobile app.

If you want to report progress from the mobile app, follow below steps and/or watch the attached video covering how to use the mobile app:

  1. Make sure you've downloaded the app and logged in with email/password
  2. Choose project from the dashboard
  3. Click the Task tab and from the list find the task you want to update status on
  4. From the task details click "Submit Report"
  5. Select a status between 0-100%* and click the green tick icon in right corner

*(Optional) You can also add a comment or photo, or indicate if there's any foreseen issue/delay

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