Task progress and icons

Each task in your projects inside GenieBelt has a color and icon, which represent the given state of the task. In this way you can always get an understanding of your projects current status at a glance.

The different states of a task is shown below:

The different states of the tasks helps you where to focus, and where you are with your project. Even though the states are pretty self-explanatory here's a run-through of their mening:

  • Not started: Task is scheduled in the future and has not yet been started
  • In progress: Task has been started and is in progress (orange for behind)
  • Warning: Task should have been started or has been reported with a problem
  • Awaiting Sign-Off: Task is reported 100% and awaiting approval
  • Verified: Task has been signed-off and verified by a project administrator

The amount of colored green, orange or red inside the task in the In progress or Warning state represent the current progress. Let's say a task is 50% it'll look like shown above.

Benefiting the most from GenieBelt's task states
Assigning all project tasks to their responsible person is first way to go. This will let them update the task progress and status, giving everyone an overview of the current progress. Read more about this here.

Another powerful way to benefit from the different task states is filtering your task list. Read more about this here.

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