Make changes to task list or programme

There's three ways to make changes to tasks in GenieBelt. Choose method depending on if your in front of a computer or on the move, or if you just want to make a few changes or more comprehensive changes to your task list.

  • In front of computer and few changes: Gantt details
  • In front of computer and more comprehensive changes: Table Editor
  • If on the move: Mobile App

Gantt details
When clicking a task you'll see the task details appear in the right of the screen. Go ahead and click Edit Info button, and now you'll be able to change task name, start and end date, description etc. like shown below. You can also delete a task from this view. 

Table Editor
The Table Editor is the right place to go if you want to make more comprehensive or repetitive changes to your programme. First things first, let's get there. When inside a project, click the "table" icon shown below.

This will take you to the table editor, which looks a bit like this

If you want to change task name, start date, duration or other information about a task, just click and highlight it and start typing

If you want to make the same changes to a lot of task we recommend to use the bulk feature. First select the tasks you want to edit, and in the bulk menu you select e.g. Update responsible. Chose a person in the list and confirm changes. You can also use this feature to delete a set of tasks, add tags etc.

Mobile app
If you're on the move and want to do a few changes the mobile app is perfect:

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