Add a New Project

If you've been invited into a project, chances are you already got a project running.

But if you want to add your own project project in GenieBelt that's also possible, and really easy peasy with lemon on the side. Here's what you do:

1. Log in to GenieBelt and make sure you're at project dashboard. From here click the green "+Add New Project" botton.

2. Input Project name and upload a project photo (optional, but it makes it more fun!) 

3. Depending on how you want to use GenieBelt, you now might want to:

  • Use the Tasks Module to manage our project programme (click here), or
  • Create the project folder structure and upload documents (click here), or
  • Start issuing drawings and keeping track of revision history (click here), or
  • Invite project team members and start collaborating (click here)
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