Received a GenieBelt invitation email? Click here.

It probably looked a bit like this:

What now?

Well, in this case you've got invited into the project Copenhagen Towers by project manager Peter Drechsler representing the company GenieBelt.

Of course we want to go ahead and let Peter know you want to part of this project, so you click the green Access Project button.

Welcome to GenieBelt

Next step is to complete the registration. Let yourself be known to the other project team members and input the contact details. After this you're good to go.

New to GenieBelt?

Then you got to see our introduction video, which will give you a nice overview of what GenieBelt is. Find it by clicking here.

Have a smartphone?

Then you can benefit from downloading our mobile app and reading more about how to use it. Collaborate with the rest of the team no matter where you are.

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