Using Filters and Search

If you're working with a long task list or complicated, big programmes in the GenieBelt task module, using the filters and the search field makes it more manageable and gives some great advantages.

You find the different filters by pressing the filter icon. You turn a filter on or off by clicking it. By default (as shown above) all filters are on. Here's some inspiration on how to use it:

  • Hide Verified tasks to minimize noise in your programme
  • Show only Warning tasks - the tasks that have been reported with a problem. These should be dealt with as soon as possible
  • Show only In progress tasks, which offers you a clear overview of what's being worked on currently

Search field
The search field is along with the filters a powerful tool to manage overview of your project. You can type in whatever you want in the search field, but here's some inspiration:

  • Search for a project member (email or name) to see only their assigned tasks
  • Search for a tag to see only tasks grouped by that tag
  • Search for a the whole or part of the name of a task to quickly see that task
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