Change working week on a task or project

GenieBelt supports working with 5 days, 6 days or 7 days working weeks. All new projects will automatically schedule task for 5 days working weeks from: Monday - Friday.

Change working week for a specific task
If you wish to change the working week of a number of tasks, but not the entire project, you can do so from the task details like shown below.

Change working week for the entire project
If you wish to change the working week of all the tasks in your project there's a better way to do this than for each task individually.

1. First head over to the table editor of your project.

2. From here you tick the box to select all tasks and chose "change working week".

3. Now select working week and select if possible changes should cause the task to keep it's duration (this will move the end date) or it's end date (this will change the duration). Finish by clicking the tick icon.

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