Calculation of project completion

The goal of this article is to clarify how exactly the project completion and expected progress is calculated, which is shown a few places throughout GenieBelt.

You can see the calculated project completion from the dashboard, next to the project title, and from the overview screen. The expected progress is also calculated on the overview screen.

Project completion
This calculated by averaging across all tasks. On each task the duration of the task is combined with the task progress, to find the current completion. Example: a 4 day task is 50%, which equal 2 days completion. The same calculation is done on all tasks to achieve the total number of days completion for the project. This is then divided with the total number of work days to achieve the project completion in percentage.

Expected progress
This is done almost similar to the project completion. But instead of using the progress of the individual tasks, the current date is used. Example: if a 4 day task was supposed to finish a week ago, it counts towards 100% expected progress. If a 4 day task is supposed to be 2 days in, it counts towards 50% expected progress. Lastly, if a 4 day task is supposed to start next week, it counts towards 0% expected progress. Simply put: all work days on the left side of the today line divided by all work days in the project equals. the expected progress.

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