Drill Down feature in GenieBelt

Drill Down allows you to get full control of all your projects in one screen. Before you start using it, though, it would probably be a good idea to take a look at this brief guide in order to make sure that you will get a solid understanding of the whole procedure. 

The main advantages of  Drill Down:

  • It improves significantly the searchability within our your projects.
  • It offers a more complete projects overview to the managers.
  • It allows you to filter by a plethora of criteria (projects, people, company, tags etc).
  • It provides the possibility to download your results as a CSV file and to create different CSV files based on different sets of results each time.

How to use Drill Down
You can find Drill Down just below the GenieBelt logo on the right of “Dashboard”. As soon as you click it, you will transfer to the Drill Down page where you can start your filtering process. On the left you will see the criteria column, where you can filter your search by different categories such as projects, people, companies, status etc. In the center of your screen you can see all the available projects with certain information about them (due date, status, current progress, expected progress etc.).

When you are done setting the desired criteria, you simply click on the green “Drill Down!” button in order to get your results. In case that you wish to download your results, just click the “Download As CSV” icon on top of the criteria column.

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