Baseline in GenieBelt

We are very happy to present the Baseline feature. ‘Baseline’ the answer to the most common problems that company owners and project managers face, as it allows users compare the different project baselines with curren. Let’s take a moment and examine together the main traits of Baseline and how to use the feature.

How to use baseline

You can create a Baseline in four very easy steps:

  • On the Dashboard page, select the project you want to work with.
  • As soon as you are in the project select the tab named “Tasks”.
  • On the left of the “Zoom Out” icon, you will find the “Baseline” icon.
  • Press on it and select the option named “Create Baseline”.
  • Note: You can create as many baselines as you like and name them as you please

In that fast and straightforward way, you can now see what’s behind or ahead against your original plan.


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